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Generic Viagra is an effective treatment for male erectile dysfunction, or ED. This really is also known as impotence. Generic Viagra is just a little blue pill you take only whenever you want to have sex. Generic Viagra helps men consistently get and keep an erection when they become sexually stimulated.

How does Generic Viagra work?

Generic Viagra enables men with ED to respond to sexual stimulation. Any time adult enhancement; listen to this podcast, a man is sexually excited, the arteries in his penis relax and widen. This permits more blood to flow into the penis. The elevated the flow of blood causes the penis to become hard and erect. The veins that normally carry blood away from the penis then become compressed. This restricts the blood flow out of the penis. With more blood flowing in and less flowing out, the penis enlarges, resulting in an erection. Sometimes the nerves or veins that will be part of this process do not work properly. If this happens, a man might not be able to get or keep an erection. Generic Viagra increases the flow of blood to the penis, in order that whenever a man is sexually excited, he can consistently get and keep an erection. When he is performed having sex, the erection goes away.

How well does Generic Viagra work?

Studies show that Generic Viagra improves erections in more than 80% of men taking Generic Viagra 100 mg versus 24% of men going for a sugar pill.No other ED tablet is proven to work better.

Does Generic Viagra automatically cause an erection?

No. You need to be sexually excited for Generic Viagra to work. If you take Generic Viagra and are not sexually stimulated, you will not get an erection. Generic Viagra isn’t a hormone. Additionally it is not an hrodisiac. It is a prescription medicine that gives men with ED harder erections so they may enjoy a more suitable sex life.

Does Generic Viagra come in different strengths?

Generic Viagra comes in 3 doses (25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg). Like many medicines, you could take advantage of a dose adjustment after starting on Generic Viagra. If it will not produce the end result you want, let your physician know. Don’t take more Generic Viagra than your physician prescribes. In most patients, Generic Viagra can be taken up to once a day as needed.

Is Generic Viagra only for men with severe ED?

No. Generic Viagra works for men who have ED, regardless of how severe or mild their ED is. If Generic Viagra helps you get better erections, it doesn’t mean you have severe ED. Even men who have difficulties once in a while can benefit from taking Generic Viagra.

Yes. The safety of Generic Viagra has been demonstrated in over 130 clinical trials and among 13,000 men. These trials show that taking Generic Viagra is approximately as safe for your heart as going for a sugar pill. Generic Viagra has been used by more than 23 million men worldwide, and over 1 billion doses of Generic Viagra happen to be prescribed. Actually, no other ED therapy has been studied more than Generic Viagra.

If you use nitrate drugs, often used for chest pain (called angina), do not take Generic Viagra.

What will be the side effects of Generic Viagra?

Like all medicines, Generic Viagra can cause some side-effects. They are usually mild and do not last longer than several hours. Several of these side-effects will be more likely to occur with higher doses of Generic Viagra. With Generic Viagra, the most frequent side effects are headache, facial flushing, and upset stomach. Generic Viagra can also briefly cause bluish or blurred vision or sensitivity to light. Although erections lasting for more than four hours may occur rarely with all ED treatments inside this drug class, it’s important to seek immediate health care help.

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