Safety Training Tips For A Food Service Environment

Darden’s goal to one day send zero waste to landfill is ambitious – and challenging – and achieving it will require finding innovative solutions for diverting all the waste streams coming from our restaurants. To combat food waste, Imperfect Produce, a San Francisco Bay Area start-up, sells fresh fruits and vegetables that never make it to grocery store shelves. In the US, restaurants produce about 150,000 pounds of waste a year. Reducing food waste protects Oregon’s natural resources for future generations, and can help your bottom line.

It takes some behavior change but can be easily managed in house.” Many restaurants use dedicated garbage cans and compost cans back of house to create a simple compost system. Given the magnitude of the contribution of food waste to global environmental change, it is surprising that this issue has not received greater attention.

Though the statistics are grim, there is plenty that restaurant owners can do to reduce waste and help boost their bottom line in the process. It will certainly take some effort to help reduce food waste, but there are great benefits for restaurants as well.

Signalling that they didn’t have to overload their plates the first time because they could always come back for more): the effect of these measures in combination was a 20% reduction in food waste. But remember: none will be enough if your kitchen staff are to blame for all of the food making its way to the trash.

In this way, managers are not just supported in inventory management at the initial point of food ordering, but also on the fly throughout their shifts. According to Metro Vancouver’s website , the initiative focuses on helping people get the most from the food they buy by using simple and practical steps to immediately reduce food waste.

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