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Office Phone: 239-353-6950
1110 21st St SW Naples, Florida 34117
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Buttonwood Tackle Outfitters

Dear Fellow Fisherpeople,

We are in the business of manufacturing and wholesale distribution of a unique line of jigs (that catch tons of FISH!). Currently our line is carried in many fine retail outlets throughout Florida and other parts of the country. While they have been in use, they have caught an amazing array of both fresh and saltwater fish species. Saltwater fish include, but not limited to – Snook, Redfish, Trout, Pompano, Permit, Jack Crevalle, Dolphin “schoolies”, King and Spanish Mackarel, Snapper, Tarpon, Grouper, Tripletail, Tuna, Stripped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, Fluke, and in freshwater – Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Striped Bass, etc. Basically, if it swims, Don’s will catch it!

Buttonwood Tackle Outfitters

As you will see, our product is packaged in a manner for the utmost convenience and style for both the distributor and the retailer. (One dozen pieces, on a space saving 3” x 8” card fitting perfectly on all common display racks). All pieces have an individual U.P.C. code and all lures are hand tied and the eyes have been cleared of any paint residue.

Buttonwood Tackle Outfitters

Potbellies are currently offered in 12 different patterns, 2 different tail styles (fish hair and Mylar) and 2 different sizes (1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz.). Totaling 48 different potbelly jigs to choose from. We have also added a bucktail potbelly available in a tan and brown in 2 different sizes (1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz.).


Glass minnows are currentlyButtonwood Tackle Outfitters available in 4 different patterns, 2 different tail styles (fish hair and Mylar) and 2 different sizes (1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz.). Totaling 16 different glass minnows to choose from.

Jigheads are currently available in three sizes (1/8 oz., ¼ oz., and 3/8 oz.). They are used for both artificial and live bait. They have painted red eyes and come four jigheads to a package.
Skinny Waters are currently available in two sizes (1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz.) and come in black, white, tan, and brown. They are a weedless jig used best for sight fishing the flats. They have painted eyes and come one per package.

A very profitable item needed in every tackle shop’s inventory.

I am sure that this product will appeal to you, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Sincere Regards,

Denny Martin & Amy Martin

..."I wandered out into the backcountry for a half day with Jerry Ingham last Wednesday and caught some trout, small snook and lots of ladyfish! It was a beautiful day. With the cloudy water we were throwing Don's Jigs, yellow with a red head, tipped with fresh shrimp. The yellow always seems to be better than the white when fishing cloudy water.

Pompano has probably been Marco Island's, "Fish of the Week" with reports of great catches of these hard fighting delicious fish. Again, 1/4 jigs the bait of choice. The mangrove snapper fishing offshore continues to be productive as well as some good Grouper catches."
- Jim O'Keefe (3/01/2001 Marco Island Sun Times. Mr. O'Keefe is the owner of O'Keefe's Reef)

"I prefer a 1/4 oz. jib with 8 lb. test for the mangroves, points and the beaches. Try the Green Glitter Tailed Glass Minnow for snook. We have a lot of little schools of shiners this time of year. If you work this untipped jib like a wounded little shiner, the snook can't resist it. I also like to tip my jigs with a piece of fresh shrimp, which leads to nice catches of mangrove snapper, redfish, trout, tarpon and sheepshead.

"Try Don's Pot Bellied Jig's.
There are a Southwest Florida tackle box must!

- Jim O'Keefe (9/13/2001 Marco Island Sun Times. Mr. O'Keefe is the owner of O'Keefe's Reef.)

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